Your Advantages

Your company, team, and employees can focus on your core competencies and content by outsourcing peripheral graphics services.


With our many years of experience in the creation and editing of info & business graphics for e.g. T. international customers, we have a very well-founded and versatile know-how in the implementation and support of customer-owned PowerPoint presentations.


Let us professionals set your presentations in-scene, you will deliver the crucial content (core competencies) and other specifications.

Uniformity of appearance

The implementation of your presentations by us as a professional “manufacturer” makes sense, as the formatting is implemented uniformly – not only within a project, but also company-wide. No more “patchwork” presentations!

Time savings

While you continue to focus on your core competencies and content, we take care of their fast graphical implementation.


You and your team remain flexible, as we take the design and implementation of your presentations and infographics from you, especially at peak times. This brings you advantages, especially with a tight schedule and/or busy internal capacities.

Efficiency and cost control

They frequent our services variably and only as required at tariffs that are less than those of most other service providers (e.g. craftsmen, hairdressers, etc.) Are. You always have full cost control!

This results in the result for your team or Your company increases efficiency through an optimal and flexible factor allocation on the one hand and cost-cutting potentials on the other.

Variable versus fixed costs

You don’t need any fixed internal resources to meet your graphics needs. You do not have to employ and train permanent graphic staff, nor do you have to provide their workstations (space, office equipment, hardware and software, incidental costs, etc.)!

ALSO: We save you time, money and nerves, and you enjoy a professional appearance!